Paper packaging box with polyurethane foamed plastics


  • Inventors: YOUKUI WU
  • Assignees: 伍尤奎
  • Publication Date: September 14, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2725203-Y


The utility model relates to a paper packaging box with polyurethane foamed plastics for non-ferrous metal product, metal product, high cost product and fragile and easy breaking product, comprising a paper box body with a box cover, an inner cover and a polyurethane foam inner body. Wherein, the inner body is provided with the mould hole of the product, a packaging band used for binding is provided between the inner body and the box body as a U-style, and the foam is produced and formed in the paper box body by the inner body which is integrated with the paper box body and the Packaging band as one body. The paper packaging box with polyurethane foamed plastics is characterized in that the wooden box is replaced by the paper box, which obtain the benefits of low cost, light weight, transportation cost saving and forest and environment protecting. The paper packaging box with polyurethane foamed plastics has the advantages of novel design, simple structure, well packaging protection performance, convenience, practicability, and the economic loss causing by breaking in the transport is avoided.




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