Novel packing box



A novel packing box comprises a box body and a box cover, wherein the box body comprises lateral plates and a bottom plate, wherein extension plates are coated on the lateral plates which are symmetric to each other horizontally; a plug-in clearance is formed between the outer edge of each lateral plate and that of each extension plate; and insertion tongues are arranged on one side edge of the box cover and are inserted in the plug-in clearances. Through the extension plates arranged on two sides of the box body, and the plug-in clearances formed among the lateral plates and the extension plates, the novel packing box can be used for packing conveniently without a lace and a lacing machine, a common person can fulfill packing disassembly and assembly manually, and the novel packing box can be used repeatedly. The extension plates can enhance the support effect of the lateral plates, so as to effectively improve the pressure-resistant strength and the deformation-resistant strength of the box body, and effectively protect articles in the box body. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable and compact structure, lower cost and good using effects; and as the common person can use the novel packing box, the novel packing box is worthy of popularization and application.




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