Multifunctional food outer packaging cylinder


  • Inventors: CAI HAOHAN
  • Assignees: 蔡好汉
  • Publication Date: December 07, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-202063312-U


The utility model relates to a packaging cylinder, in particular to a multifunctional food outer packaging cylinder, which comprises a cylinder body. The right side and the left side of the cylinder body are fastened and bonded together through adhesive. The multifunctional food outer packaging cylinder additionally comprises a blister bottom cover. The blister bottom cover is bonded at the bottom of the cylinder body through adhesive. The multifunctional food outer packaging cylinder has the advantages that the overall shape stability is good, the firmness is high, the seam is not apt to fall off or be damaged, the packaging cylinder is convenient to double over, the cost is low, the shape is novel and unique, and the packaging cylinder is transparent and attractive.




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