Emergency cell pack structure of disposable Li-Mn cell



The utility model relates to an emergency cell pack structure of a disposable Li-Mn cell, which is provided with a battery (2) consisting of 3 to 8 soft-packing cells (1) connected in parallel sequentially via nickel belts (N) and a battery pack (3) consisting of 3 to 8 batteries (2) connected in series sequentially via nickel belts (N), wherein a diode (D) connected with a single soft-packing cell (1) in parallel is arranged in the battery (2) consisting of the soft-packing cells (1) connected in parallel, and 3 to 8 diodes (D) connected with a self-recovery thermistor (P) in series are arranged in the battery pack (3) consisting of 3 to 8 batteries (2) connected in series. The utility model has the advantages of high specific energy, larger discharge current, no need of maintenance, no pollution and the like, the circuit design is simple, and charging protection is not needed.




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