Ceramic membrane heater



The utility model discloses a ceramic membrane heater which is characterized in that a ceramic membrane heating pipe is arranged between a base and an upper cover body; and the cavity of the ceramic membrane heating pipe is hollow. Compared with the prior art, the ceramic membrane heater has the following characteristics: 1. the heating rate is faster; 2. the heating is uniform and the stability is better by adopting material surface heating; 3. the service life is longer; 4. the cavity ceramic structural design more meets the sanitary requirement; 5. the integrated structure of heating and storage water can reduce costs and facilitate the manufacturing, thus being more suitable for mass production; 6. a smooth ceramic cavity can be made to reduce the scale production; and 7. the integrated structure can facilitate the removal and installation, thus being easier to maintain. Compared with the prior art, the ceramic membrane heater has prominent substantive features and notable progress.




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