Energy-saving combined mechanical equipment


  • Inventors: TANG SHUCHENG
  • Assignees: 唐树成
  • Publication Date: June 09, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201502675-U


The utility model relates to energy-saving combined mechanical equipment, belonging to energy-saving machinery. A power input belt pulley is fixedly connected to a power input spindle of a deboost device, the deboost device comprises three or four groups of sub deboost devices, an output gear is in mesh connection with a clutch, the clutch is in mesh connection with a single shaft, the single shaft is connected with a pulley block speed regulator, a large output sprocket wheel of the pulley block speed regulator is connected with an input sprocket wheel of a speed regulating device, and the speed regulating device outputs power via an output sprocket wheel. The energy-saving combined mechanical equipment is novel in structure and convenient in installation without limitation of location or conditions, has wide application and energy-saving effect according to manufacturing design, and saves oil for diesel engines and gasoline engines. The existing machines driven by power can have energy-saving effect after utilizing the energy-saving combined mechanical equipment.




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