Operational movable vehicle


  • Inventors: LI GANG
  • Assignees: 李刚
  • Publication Date: June 02, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201494482-U


The utility model relates to an operational movable vehicle which is characterized in that the vehicle comprises wheels, a steel bottle base supporting board, a triangular support, a semi-circle metal belt, a base panel, a middle panel and a stainless steel bar, wherein the base panel is arranged at the bottom of the triangular support, the middle panel is arranged in the middle part of the triangular support, and the steel bottle base supporting board is arranged at the front end of the base panel at the bottom of the inclined panel of the triangular support; the semi-circle metal belt is arranged at the top of the triangular support and a notch thereof is toward the steel bottle base supporting board; the base panel and the middle panel are respectively provided with a semi-circle notch which is toward the steel bottle base supporting board; and the stainless steel bar is arranged in the triangular support, and the wheels are arranged on the lower end of the base panel. The operational movable vehicle has the advantages of having reasonable structure, beautiful pattern and low production cost, being capable of effectively and simultaneously carrying the steel bottle and a vacuum pump, and being safely used when being moved to any operational places of laboratories.




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