Stirring station of underground lime material of coal mine



The utility model discloses a stirring station of an underground lime material of a coal mine, which comprises a horizontal type stirrer and a material charging machine, wherein the horizontal type stirrer is installed at an underground material preparation position, the power of the horizontal type stirrer and the material charging machine respectively adopts an explosion-proof motor of 22kW and an explosion-proof motor of 7.85kW, a discharge port of the horizontal type stirrer is provided with a negative-pressure dust removal cover and a pneumatic blanking door which is controlled by a pneumatic control device, and the explosion-proof motors are remotely controlled by adopting a QBZ-80N vacuum switch. The utility model can carry out concentrated stirring treatment on the underground lime material, can meet the task of a guniting material of an underground excavation working face only by two workers, avoids generating dust and purifies an underground working environment; and moreover, the scientific mixture ratio of the lime material is achieved, the rebound of head-on excavation guniting is little, and the supporting quality of a laneway is ensured.




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