Efficiency enhancing and power saving device



An efficiency enhancing and power saving device solves the technical problems of enhancing the power supply efficiency of power supply companies and further saving power of the power use units, and adopts the technical scheme that the device structurally comprises a housing, an iron core arranged in the housing, and a coil wound around an iron core shaft; power supply input terminals and power source output terminals are arranged on the housing; the coil comprises dual-hoop main coils and four-hoop adjusting coils; input terminals of the dual-hoop main coils are connected with the power supply input terminals, and output terminals thereof are connected with the output terminals of the four-hoop adjusting coils; and the input terminals of the four-hoop adjusting coils are connected and fixed on an adjusting tap capable of adjusting the inductive reactance of the coil in the housing, and the output terminals thereof are connected with the power source output terminals. The utility model has the advantages that coil is wound round the iron core, the hybrid wave and harmonic wave interference can be eliminated through the mutual-induction and the electromagnetic balance principle to further increase power and active power consumption; the access is convenient, thereby facilitating the installation for consumers; the investment cost efficiency is high; the power saving effect is obvious; the intensity of the voltage and the current are appropriate; and the service life of the device is prolonged.




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