Improved push-plate continuous atmosphere sintering furnace structure


  • Inventors: QIN WENLONG
  • Assignees: 秦文隆
  • Publication Date: May 26, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201488529-U


The utility model discloses an improved push-plate continuous atmosphere sintering furnace structure. Relative positions on the two sides of an internal conveying passage of the push-plate continuous atmosphere sintering furnace are provided with side tracks; the inner sides of the two side tracks are provided with opposite internal concave passages of which the heights are greater than the thickness of a push plate accommodated in the internal concave passage; the two opposite internal concave passages are used as the tracks of the push plate and can maintain the advancing route of the push plate; a bottom track is arranged in the middle of the two side tracks relative to the horizontal positions of the internal concave passages of the two side tracks; and the push plate is positioned above the bottom track so as to enable the push plate to advance more smoothly and avoid the deformation of the push plate. The improved push-plate continuous atmosphere sintering furnace structure of the utility model can prevent the push plate from projecting and can reduce the temperature gradient so as to achieve a uniform temperature. The side tracks, the bottom track and the push plate can be made of graphite so as to obtain better thermal conduction, heat resistance and lubrication level.




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