Slow-release dyeing and finishing cloth structure for expelling mosquitoes and worms by odor



The utility model provides a slow-release dyeing and finishing cloth structure for expelling mosquitoes and worms by odor with reasonable design and high practicability. The structure is provided with a piece of cloth, microcapsules are filled on fibers of the cloth, and the microcapsules contain worm-expelling odorous oil particles. The cloth containing the microcapsules is directly placed indoors or manufactured into clothes, socks, quilt, towel, curtain, sofa cover or mosquito net to become a worm-expelling protective article moving along with the motion of people; the odorous microcapsules on the cloth can slowly release special odor so as to achieve the effect of expelling the mosquitoes and the worms naturally, brings convenient protection to production and life of people, create a safe and comfortable living environment for human beings and avoid the harassment and harm of mosquito, fly, midge, acarus, bee, bug, flea, louse, centipede, scorpion and other worms to the human beings.




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