Solid-phase extracting device capable of being switched on line



The utility model discloses a solid-phase extracting device capable of being switched on line. The solid-phase extracting device comprises a casing, an upper cover and a rotatable supporting stand, wherein the circle center of the upper cover is provided with a center hole, 4-12 small holes which are connected with an SPE column are arranged on a circumstance which utilizes the center hole as the centre of circle and has a certain radius in equal angle, a pumping hole pipe and an exhaust valve are further arranged on the upper cover, the supporting stand is a rotatable supporting stand, and comprises an upper, a middle and a lower circular discs which have the same diameters and are up and down arrayed in a certain distance and whose centers are provided with center holes, a circular disc supporting stand which is connected with the circular discs and is connected with a threaded rod, and a center rotary shaft, a receiving pipe for holding sample liquid and a waste liquid receiving pipe hole which are vertical and correspond to SPE column connecting holes on the upper cover are staggered on the upper round disc and the middle round disc, the center rotary shaft penetrates through the center hole of the upper cover, and further penetrates through the center holes of the upper disc, the middle disc and the lower disc, and is connected into a whole. The solid-phase extracting device can simultaneously process a plurality of samples, can achieve convenient control to flow speed, can be switched on line, is convenient for collecting eluent, and is simple and convenient to use.




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