Electron gun assembly for on-board micro helmet display tube



An electron gun assembly for an on-board micro helmet display tube belongs to the field of electro-vacuum display devices. The electron gun assembly comprises a flat-plate core column at one end of a tube housing , a negative adjustment assembly, an accelerating electrode, a focusing electrode and a positive electrode, wherein all the electrodes are enveloped through glass supporting rods and assembled into a whole; a graphite area on the inner wall of the tube housing replaces the positive electrode, so as to enable the caliber of an electron gun to be maximized; and a multi-point contact spring support tightly clamped on the inner wall of the tube housing is arranged at the upper part of one end of the tube housing. In the structure of the electron gun assembly for the on-board micro helmet display tube, the caliber of the lens of the designed electron gun is maximized, so that the display resolution ratio is increased; the internal guide wires of the core column are fastened by adopting metal strips; the whole electron gun and a glass housing are clamped by the aid of the core column and the spring support to form a whole, so that the shock resistance is increased; and the leading wires of all the electrodes adopt totally-enclosed flexible leading-out wires.




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