Elevated rail bridge



The utility model relates to an elevated rail bridge which comprises pillars, a reinforced concrete foundation and a steel rail, the pillars are mounted on the concrete foundation through a foundation embedded part; meanwhile, pillar base plates are connected on the upper end surfaces and the lower end surfaces of the pillars, the pillar upper base plate is connected with a steel rail iron base, the left end and the right end of the steel rail iron base in the vertical direction are respectively provided with a mounting boss, elastic bar III type fasteners are mounted on the bosses, two sides of the steel rail are tightly clamped through elastic bars of the elastic bar III type fasteners, thereby fixing the steel rail on the pillars and connecting the pillar lower base plate with the foundation embedded part. As the new connecting way is adopted between the pillars and the ground, the construction is convenient; when the foundation of the rail bridge is settled after use, a cushion can be added for repair, thereby having good applicability; meanwhile, the insulation and shock absorption between the steel rail and the pillars can be realized under the action of the elastic bar III type fasteners, thereby ensuring the safety of maintenance operation, reducing walking vibration of a rail motor car and effectively preventing the steel rail from creeping.




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