Cleaning cloth packing structure


  • Inventors: ZHOU HAIGANG
  • Assignees: 周海刚
  • Publication Date: April 23, 2008
  • Publication Number: CN-201049797-Y


The utility model relates to the field of daily necessities, in particular to a packaging structure of cleaning cloth, which comprises a transparent plastic packaging bag body (1) and connecting strips (2) arranged on the top of the body (1). A form fixing sleeve (5) and cleaning cloth (4) are arranged inside the body (1); the form fixing sleeve (5) is nested on the cleaning cloth (4) and fixes the form of the cleaning cloth (4); the connecting strips (2) are connected with the transparent plastic packaging bag body (1) as a whole; and the connecting strips (2) are provided with a hole (3) for the hook. With such structure, the patterns on the cleaning cloth inside the packaging bag can be seen clearly through the packaging bag; the plastic packaging bag is not broken under the weight of the cleaning cloth inside the packaging bag; and the whole beautiful degree of the product is improved.




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